Priti Vyas

BA (Hons), DipCHyp, Cert Hyp

Priti originally trained as a hypnotherapist and counsellor in 1989, but has more recently re-established herself as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist as a direct response to the growing needs of clients suffering with stress and anxiety-related issues.

Clients seeing visible effects are often the signal that there is an underlying imbalance internally and that support is required to regain control of issues such as insomnia, weight control, confidence, pain, social anxiety.

Through her programme of rebalance, Priti uses a myriad of techniques including mindfulness, cognitive restructuring and hypnotherapy to help clients help themselves. This holistic technique partners the salon’s philosophy of treating mind, body and soul as one continuous unending flow of energy.

A well-respected voice of the industry, Priti is a lifestyle journalist, beauty consultant and TV feature contributor, as well as print articles in many of the most notable print media, all while working alongside her mother for over 30 years helping with the PR, marketing and client relations programme.