Ayurvedic treatments are easily accessible to all — because they are right there in our kitchen cupboards

AYURVEDIC medicine is perhaps the greatest form of healing and natural healthcare the world has known. It is based on 3,000 years of Indian wisdom passed down through generations. This medicine became a saviour in a country that did not have a national health system as people who could not afford allopathic medicine searched for natural ways to prevent and treat their minor ailments. Here are some examples of ailments and the simple Ayurvedic remedies that can treat them. All the ingredients can be found in most supermarkets….article featured in The Daily Express, woman 2002


Boil two litres of water with six to eight cardamom pods in it, let it cool and drink throughout the day. “Cardamom water will calm the digestive track,” says Bharti Vyas, author of Simply Ayurveda.  You can also try peeling the pods and sucking them after meals to aid digestion.


When we take over-the-counter medication for colds and coughs, we suppress our symptoms to enable us to cope with our frenetic lifestyles — but by suppressing the condition, we simply prolong it. Ayurveda encourages us to clear our systems and therefore allow the body to heal itself. Children in India are given a milk tonic to help clear chesty coughs, catarrh and mucus.

Problems as people living in India, where a glass of water is always offered to guests, we still don’t drink enough. “Apart from helping to prevent dehydration, drinking water is a wonderful way of flushing out built-up toxins,” explains Bharti. She recommends drinking a glass of water every hour you are awake as opposed to two litres in one go. “This way, water can effectively flush the system and once the body is used to getting that water it automatically tells you when it needs more by making you feel thirsty.”


If you want to speed up the clotting process, apply turmeric powder.


Slice a potato and apply to the burn for a cooling and soothing effect.


Mix 2tsp of honey, ktsp fine sea salt and dtsp turmeric. Blend into a paste and dab it on the spots. Leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning. Only dab it on the spot area itself because it does stain yellow.


This is great for spotty teenagers who don’t want to use harsh products on their skin. Mix two heaped tsp of gram flour (chick pea flour) with 1tsp honey and 1tsp water. Blend into a thick paste and apply to the affected areas for five to seven minutes. It has a wonderfully drawing effect on toxins and clears away dead cells. When removing the mask, dampen it first. Do not drag the skin as this can damage it. Apply once a week.


Bharti recommends drinking a ginger tonic every morning to help clear mucus membranes. “Drink it on an empty stomach,” she says. “It will help break down the stickiness that may have built up.” Cut up some fresh ginger

and boil it up with a cup of water until the liquid is reduced by half. Use as

much ginger as you like in this. Allow the liquid to cool before drinking it.


This is also a good preventative, as well as an emergency remedy. Take one garlic clove and cut into small pieces. Put them onto a metal tablespoon full of Olive oil. Wave very gently over a gas flame till the garlic has infused into the oil.  Then let it sit, till it cools slightly. Drain off the garlic pieces and take a cotton bud and use the infused oil to add a few drops into both your ears. Plug up with the bud and let the oil absorb for 10 minutes or so. This will help loosen wax but also temporarily reduce any inflammation.  


  • Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline      Cut down on salt, stimulants and sugar
  • Exercise regularly & power walk                          
  • Eat more potassium like bananas                       
  • Eat a healthy diet                                                               
  •  Eat more Garlic
  •  Deep diaphragmatic breathing 

Great treatments that can help boost your system.

BVM Acu Lymphatic Facial

Many people see facials as pampering treatments. However, our BVM Acu Lymphatic  Facial and body treatments are designed to give your body a monthly MOT. A lot of ayurvedic treatments help to boost your lymphatic system, the system that is responsible for  eliminating waste and toxins from body. When the lymphatic system is sluggish you might feel any of the flowing

  • Feel tired
  • Feel bloated and puffy
  • Have aches and pains
  • Have cold hands and feet
  • Have dull looking skin
  • Blocked pores
  • Spotty skin
  • Blocked sinuses
  • Headaches
  • Hair thinning/falling out

We use our hands on techniques and natural skin care range to give you a bespoke facial, one in which we stimulate your lymphatic system and stimulate your acu puncture pressure points to help balance your inner body too. You will be able to feel and see a difference immediately…book your appointment now and see for yourself !!

Watch this space for more of Bharti’s top beauty and well being tips…