10 Perfect Beauty Gift Ideas For Mothers Day! 

10 Perfect Beauty Gift Ideas For Mothers Day! 

How is it March already?! This means it’s the month of Spring, a little more sun and most importantly… Mother’s day! If you need some inspiration for some gift ideas, why not go for some of the products listed below? Girls love beauty and taking care of their own skin, so giving your mum something to pamper with is always a great way to put a smile on their face!

Here at Bharti Vyas, we offer a selection of treatments as well as face and body products Marylebone. Therefore meaning, we know exactly what your mum needs for the ultimate home-spa and pampering session. Below are a list of 10 affordable gift ideas you can purchase…

1. Brightening Serum

A product that isn’t spoken about much, but can seriously benefit the glow of your skin! Containing vitamin C, using Brightening Serum can leave your skin firmer, smoother and gloomy with noticeable results! This is a perfect gift for those mums who have healthy skin and love a smooth complexion.

2. Face Masks

Organise your very own mum and daughter pamper session! There are thousands of different face masks you can purchase – with different purposes, flavours, brands and prices, you can fun some fun and cool face masks for a great night in with the mother! 

If you are looking for something more professional, here at Bharti Vyas we offer a variety different facial treatments as well as face and body products Marylebone. Our facial treatments contain soothing ingredients that help leave the skin feeling soothed, hydrated and luxurious.

3. Bath Bombs

Give your mum a reason to stop running errands, but to run a bath, light some candles and relax. With bath bombs, your mum can enjoy her own time in a warm, flavoured, colourful, scented bath that will leave her skin smooth and refreshed afterwards. They are very affordable and super satisfying to watch unravel in the bath tub.

4. Body Wash & Lotions

Again, give your hard-working mum an excuse to relax and pamper. Purchase the ultimate body set that contains some awesome gifts for your mum – from body washes, lotions, bath salts and hand creams, this is a lush gift to give to your mum on Mother’s day! At Bharti Vyas, our shop has a variety of face and body products Marylebone on offer that your mum can cherish and use for amazing results. This include firming cream, salt scrub, salts and polisher!

5. Massages

If you aren’t convinced for the face and body products, why not go for a treatment instead? We have a few massage treatments available for you including the Ayur Body Wrap, the BVM Acu-Lymphatic Body Massage and the Remedial Back Massage. At an affordable price, you can experience a massage like no other, leaving your body, mind and spirituality lifted and revived. This is a perfect gift to give your mum on Mother’s day, especially if she is hard-working and don’t have a lot of time for herself.

Face and body products Marylebone
Face and body products Marylebone – Massage

6. Hydrating Products

Whether she suffers from quite dry-skin or is obsessed with these types of products etc. Face and body products that contain high-doses of hydrating ingredients and qualities can be a great gift idea for her. Using them can help deliver wrinkle fighting benefits as well as reducing the appearance of redness, flakiness and overall dryness of the skin.

7. Makeup 

If you’re mum loves to dress up and make herself feel good, buy her her favourite make up products! With products available for the face, eyes, lips and even body, purchase something personal that represents her, such as a red lipstick or golden eyeshadow etc. It’s probably quite cliche, but us girls love our beauty products.

8. Collagen

If you don’t know, Collagen is the protein found in skin and other bodily tissues, purified and used to promote more glowing and vibrant skin. Products that contain collagen benefit from age fighting abilities, and particularly with mothers anti-ageing is a big thing! Some of our face and body products in Marylebone contain collagen including our collagen serum, which is a legendary, award-winning product used therapeutically to smooth and slow down the ageing skin.

9. Body Spray

Facial sprays, body mists and perfumes are also popular ideas for mums on Mother’s Day! Whether it’s going to work, for a walk or even on a night out, help your mum stroll out in confidence smelling of jasmine or strawberries or mango etc. 

10. Hair Products

Finally, if the face or body isn’t what your mum loves pampering with the most, why not try some hair products? From as little as dry shampoo to as big as some heated curling wands, give your mum an excuse to look and feel good on this special day with some new hair products.

Face and Body products Marylebone
Face and Body products Marylebone – Hair

Our Face & Body Products in Marylebone…

Here at Bharti Vyas, we want your mum to have a beauty-full day as much as you do! Check out our shop full of our variety of face and body products Marylebone for some great gift and treatment inspiration!

For all enquiries or more information, contact us today to book an appointment or check out Bharti Vyas’ Facebook Page!

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