Like Brushing your teeth, it is essential to have a good body and face skincare routine as part of your lifestyle. 

That’s why we have created a list of 5 essential face and beauty products you should be including in your skincare routine at least weekly.

1. Face Polisher/cleanser

A face polisher will also act as a cleanser. The daily gentle polishing of the skin will help prevent stagnation and a build up of toxins, which can cause a faster degeneration of facial tissues. As well as cleaning the skin, it will stimulate circulation. This will give the skin a vibrant glow and make a great base on which to apply make up. 

Face and neck Polisher 

Md Polisher 

2. A good aromatherapy face oil 

Ayurveda fully endorses oelation as part of daily therapy for the skin. It is a wonderfully nourishing  food for the skin.  Aromatherapy oils have the ability to stimulate the senses and will help balance the skin. Oils are also excellent cleansers, especially with those with highly sensitive skins.

When the skin is pre ageing or dry  a good therapy oil can help strengthen and protect it, Use it before going to sleep on cleansed skin.

Harmonising Face Balm 

Bharti’s Special Oil 

Holistic Body Massage Marylebone

Holistic Body Massage Marylebone

3. Body Salt scrub 

It is just as important to exfoliate your body at least 3 x a week. A build up of dead skin cells on the face and body can block pores and prevent the skin from carrying out its function of eliminating toxins from the body.  This  means they just go back into the body, making it feel rough and leaves you feeling sluggish and run down.  When the system is sluggish it can cause the build up of cellulite and fatty deposits too. Salt Scrubs, like ours contains Dead Sea Salt, which can also help heal the skin; making it particularly effective for healing the skin. Especially for problems like ingrown hairs and hyper pigmentation. It also contains essential oils, which means you do not need to moisturise afterwards. Saving you money and time 

 Ultimate Salt Scrub 

Body Polisher

4. Moisturiser

Moisturiser is essential to the skin as it helps protect it from the environment and micro organisms in the air. Many moisturizers contain UV filters as it has become more and more important to protect you skin from the damaging rays of the sun.  A moisturizer is not really needed at night as, that is when the skin does most of its repairing, so a moisturizer might block pores and prevent the skin from doing its job. Overloading the skin with moisturiser can actually do more harm than good to the skin. Imagine it akin to using too much fabric softener in the wash, which instead of fluffing out your clothes, it can make clothes limp. Be wary of using too high an SPF if you have sensitive skin , as it can overload the skin. Use a lighter, water based moisturiser. 

Moisturizer for sensitive skin 

Super Aloe Moisturiser 

Nourishing Cream

5.Therapy Serums

The active ingredients in Serums act as catalysts for the skin. They act as quick food for the skin , making them highly effective in achieving the desired results faster.

Meso Serum 

Extra Serum 

(pseudo) Collagen Serum

At Bharti Vyas, we are a holistic beauty and laser centre that offer healthy and therapeutic face and body products Marylebone. All of our products contain calming ingredients that will help revitalise your mind, body and spirit. Check our product range here.

Thank you for reading.