Holistic Beauty therapy incorporates traditional holistic methods under the beauty umbrella.

As well as offering traditional beauty treatment, when it comes to face and body treatments, we take a more holistic or top to toe approach. We take your lifestyle, health and well being into consideration and essentially design a treatment plan for you, to ensure you achieve long term results. We use ancient eastern philosophies proven to work scientifically, for example Ayurveda, acupressure, aromatherapy, evidence based cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy, stress management theories and lymphatic drainage. We also source the latest technological treatments, which work alongside eastern therapies. These include laser hair removal treatments with the ND Yag or Intense Pulse light, Cryotherapy, advanced electrology ( skin tag and red vein removal), Radio and high frequency treatments, ultrasound therapies and micro Dermabrasion.

For us, it is not about quick fixes but providing therapy that complements your lifestyle. We offer annual memberships tailored to your needs and will save you money at the same time.  As Holistic beauty therapists, we aim to connect with your needs and give you the tools to be your own therapists, we work in alliance with you to help you achieve your skincare and beauty goals.

Things to take into consideration when choosing a treatment

Skin: What changes do you want to achieve in your skin or do you have any specific skin problems like acne, rosacea, skin sensitivity, pre ageing?

Body: What changes do you want for your body? Do you have tense, aching muscles? Is your hair thinning or falling out? Do you have cellulite, skin tags or red veins?

Lifestyle: Do you have a hectic lifestyle? Do you sleep well, eat well, exercise? Are you tired all the time? Do suffer from tension headaches?

Health: Do you have a sluggish immune system? Menopausal, Are you pre or post surgery? Do you have any other illnesses? Are you pregnant?

Do you just want a treatment for a special occasion?

If you are still confused, you can email or call us or we can help you on the day to  decide what treatment will be the best for you.