A Salt Scrub with holistic effects that will naturally boost your body and leave you feeling amazing!!

For many people using a body scrub is more of a luxury than a necessity.  However, using a scrub can not only help enhance the health of your skin but can also enhancing your well being..

When Bharti Vyas  created  her Ultimate therapy Salt scrub, she developed a spectacular product, which has benefited hundreds of people, who have made it part of their daily skincare ritual.

What  is a scrub?

The idea of any scrub is to act as an exfoliant; helping to get rid of dead skin cells, refine, rejuvenate  and re balance skin tone. Ingredients used as exfoliates include sand, micro beads, salt, sugar  and many more.

Bharti’s hero product

Holistic Beauty for the body

Ultimate Salt Scrub holistic beauty

The Ultimate Salt Scrub…

We use salts from the Dead Sea , which are renowned for their therapeutic effects. In fact, salts from the Dead Sea contain 10 x more minerals than any other Ocean in the world. The salts are blended with natural essential oils including rosemary, Vitamin E and lemon to not only remove dead skin cells but to nourish, balance, heal and moisturize the skin too.

What exactly will the Ultimate Salt Scrub will do?

  1. Stimulate circulation – particularly good if you suffer from bad circulation, have tired leg syndrome, suffer from puffiness, painful muscles, have cellulite


  1. Heals the skin – great for treating hyper pigmentation and superficial scarring for example from spots or picking at the skin.


  1. For treating in grown hairs – ingrown hairs are a result of hair getting trapped under the skin due to a build of dead skin cells. This is common for those who wax or shave their bodies.


  1. The essential oils will moisturise, stimulate and nourish your skin.


  1. With the BVM application technique, the Salt scrub will help energise and uplift you and help detoxify your body. When used in the evening it can ease tired muscles and help you


  1. It will help maintain an even tan for longer as using the salt scrub would have evened out your skin tone.


How to use your body Ultimate Salt Scrub

Take a little salt scrub in your hands and on DRY SKIN and begin your daily therapy

Start at the souls of your feet, working your way all over your foot, and then using large sweeping motions, use a friction massage to work in the scrub onto your legs, until all the salt has sloughed off and you are left with soft skin. Always sweet towards your heart, so it can assist in helping to stimulate your circulation and energise you. Do the same to your stomach, chest, arms and back (maybe help to get someone to your back for you if you can!!) Just remember always move upwards in large, deep circular movements. Focus a little longer on those problem areas.

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