With COVID-19 impacting the way we work, socialise, and live, it seems that wearing face masks have become the new norm. We are expected to wear them when we are out and about including when shopping or travelling on public transport. Look’s like they are here to stay for the immediate future!

We are all aware of their protective roles, but with having to wear them for long periods of time many people are finding that it is effecting their skin and causing them to have MASKNE. finding that they are getting spots, blemishes, dry skin, blocked pores, whiteheads and blackheads. Many have noticed that their skin is more sensitive, sensitive and red.

What causes this?

When we are wearing masks we are breathing out carbon dioxide and limiting the amount of oxygen we are taking in. So, our skin does not get to breathe. This is combined that the air we breathe out is warm air, makes the area damp. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can also cause irritation and can make the skin red and sore. The Mask also
blocks oxygen from getting to the skin, which causes it to get dry and imbalanced.

This build of dead cells and stagnated circulation makes our skin look dull and lifeless. The mask itself and the tightness around the mouth and nose can itself be an irritant too. The pressure can irritate the skin and make it red and sore.

Holistic skin products marylebone

Tackling Maskne – Holistic skin products marylebone

Our top tips to reduce Maskne


1. Get a user-friendly mask

It’s important that you make sure your mask fits but is loose enough to remain breathable and less irritating to the skin. If you are suffering from maskne, use a reusable mask; try cotton or washable silk ones. These naturally soft materials will reduce the amount of friction on your skin which
should help prevent any irritation or dirt rubbing into your complexion. They feel lighter on the skin.

2. Skincare

Bharti Vyas has a variety of award-winning Holisitc skincare products in Marylebone to aid your skin’s needs. Polish your face and neck twice a day and use our Detox Mud Mask once a week and as a daily spot treatment. The idea is to keep your skin free of dead cells on a daily basis. The best way to do this is to use a daily face and neck polisher. Our Face & Neck Polisher contains tiny walnut shavings
to gently cleanse and polish the skin. As well as cleaning your skin, it removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and brightens the skin. If your skin is very dry you can use our Harmonising Face Oil as a cleanser under your polisher, so your skin gets all the goodness of the essential oils like Jojoba (which has a similar skin density to skin). Use the Special oil if your skin is particularly sensitive.

Holistic skin products marylebone

Bharti Vyas’ Holistic skin products marylebone

Our Detox Mud mask is packed with the highly healing and stimulating minerals from the Dead Sea Turmeric. Use once a week to give your skin a deep clean. It will feed the skin, stimulate circulation, loosen blackheads and tighten blocked pores. It’s healing properties means it will prevent spots but will also heal the ones you have faster. The beauty is, you can also use it as a spot treatment too. Just leave on the spot overnight and watch that spot disappear faster!

3. Keep hydrated inside out!

Drinking water regularly is a great way to help your body flush out toxins and keeps it hydrated from the inside out. Try drinking one glass of water for every hour you are awake. I also like the idea of using a water mist on your face during the day This can give your skin a much-needed zing
and refresh the skin. Use a light moisturizer during the day and a serum at night to help hydrate the skin. Our Rejuvenating Serum, which contains Hyuralonic acid is fantastic for rehydrating and maintaining skin hydration. This can also be used under your moisturizer. At night do not use a
moisturizer. This will give your skin a chance to breathe.

4. Keep your mask clean and in a clean place

Many people stuff their mask in their pockets or bags, which may be full of bacteria that can be transferred onto your face, which can also aggravate your skin. Try to wash your mask daily too. This will also prevent a buildup of bacteria. It is this bacterium, which breeds and causes blackheads, spots and skin irritation. Use an anti-bacterial was on a non-bio cleaner to keep your masks clean.

Holistic skin products marylebone

Tackling Maskne – Holistic skin products marylebone

5. The less you touch your skin the better and picking your spots is a definite NO NO!

That can cause cross-infection and scar your skin. Just hold back from that and your skin will heal much faster. I know it is the new norm, so all we can do is accept it and take the best measures to help ourselves.

If you have any other queries or questions or queries you can email or call us on 0207 935 5312. Bharti Vyas has over 4 decades worth of experience in the beauty industry and she and her trained staff are waiting to help you.
Bharti also has a variety of Holistic skin products in Marylebone available to purchase online, Amazon and in her salon Chiltern Street.