Back in 1980, Bharti became enthused by the healing and therapeutic effects of minerals from the Dead Sea in the Middle East, later introducing the DSD range (Dead Sea Discovery) into her therapies.

As Bharti says:

“I believe passionately in the health benefits of Dead Sea Salts. The very high concentrations of minerals in the salts, tiny quantities of which enter the body through the pores, have a natural therapeutic action on the skin and benefit the body as a whole. Their effect on the external body is to boost the skin’s excretory function by dissolving the dehydrated dead cells which accumulate on the surface. This speeds up the elimination of the body’s waste and has a smoothing and refining effect on the skin.

Of the 28 naturally occurring minerals in the salts, three are particularly valuable for our internal health: potassium, which regulates the fluid balance within our bodies and the circulation of blood and lymph; magnesium, our body’s main ‘nerve food’; and bromide, which has a calming and restorative effect on the system. Because these substances are part of the body’s own make-up, they are immediately ‘recognised’, absorbed, and put to use.

Regular salt baths can correct all sorts of imbalances within the body. They encourage gentle detoxification of the system and reduce fluid retention in the tissues, which can assist weight loss and relieve problems affecting the joints. They act as an antidote to the potentially damaging effects of stress and strengthen our resistance to disease. They also safeguard the cornerstone of our health and wellbeing: sleep. By quelling anxiety and restoring calm, a salt bath taken at the end of a gruelling day both aids and enhances sleep.

A regular Dead Sea Salt bath will provide instant relief and ongoing therapy for troublesome joints, over-worked muscles or fluid retention in the arms, as well as restoring skin to a peachy softness. The resulting improved blood supply will ensure that the skin tone is even, rather than patchy or ghostly white.”

This excerpt was taken from Bharti Vyas’s book Beauty Wisdom (1998) which can be purchased here: