We offer Laser hair removal Bharti Vyas. We use the ND YAG laser or Intense Pulse Light ( IPL). Laser light is used to disrupting and disabling hair follicles in the skin, completely slowing down hair growth. The IPl is better suited for those with fair ski and dark hairs and the ND Yas is excellent for those with dark or pigmented skin. Sadly, neither work on white hairs. A test patch and consultation will ascertain, which system will best suit your skin/hair type. Remember, if your eighteen or over you can start but you will need a series of treatments depending on your hair growth.

As a beauty therapist that offers laser hair removal Marylebone, we want to offer you the best advice! Whether you want to treat the face, arms, legs, bikini line or even underarms etc., laser hair removal can be incredibly advantageous to you and your body confidence. Here are our top seven benefits of receiving laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Marylebone
Laser Hair Removal Marylebone

1. Long Lasting Results

If you are looking for permanent hair reduction in your chosen area(s), then you may need up to 20 sessions, which isn’t a long time at all considering the results you will achieve long term. Laser hair removal’s effects can vary depending on the severity of the problem, medical history and previous methods of hair removal used. This is where a consultation and test patch is imperative.

2. Cost Effective

It’s safe to say that once you go for laser hair removal, your skin will never be the same – the success of it considering the price can really get the addiction started. You will no longer need/want to spend your money on regular wax treatments, shaving essentials or other hair removal methods, as you will realise that you will be saving an efficient amount of money by using one fast, successful procedure all in one impressive cost!

3. Results Are Amazing

Probably the most important benefit; the results itself are extraordinary! After your treatment journey begins you are left with hairless, smooth and toned skin, instantly increasing your confidence. Furthermore, the light source specifically targets and destroys hairs right down to the follicle, which means faster and convenient results. After all, every girl knows that nothing feels better than a shaved and moisturised body, so imagine having that feeling for months of time!

4. Less Painful Than Other Methods

Unlike other hair removal procedures such as waxing or threading, laser hair removal is not as painful. The laser on your skin is supposedly the same feeling as a fast, hot snap – so whilst you will feel something, it won’t necessarily be painful, it is more likely to be feeling the heat. In comparison, waxing and threading involves pulling out the hair follicle, whereas laser just disables it.

5. Minimal Side Effects

A lot of people worry about the side effects of beauty treatments, but the majority of symptoms tend to only be mentioned as precautionary, very minor and only last a few days. With laser hair removal, the side effects are very minimal and usually only last up to a few hours. This can include:

  • Discomfort (during the procedure).
  • Minority irritated/sensitive skin (redness, swelling, itching etc.).
  • Blistering if the follicle is distorted due to the nature of the hair. For example , if there is an ingrown hair, or if waxing has damaged the hair follicle.

On the other hand, laser hair removal is a completely safe and unharmful procedure if used correctly and carefully. What we mean is the light energy used should not be able to affect your cells on a molecular level and cannot cause serious conditions such as infertility or DNA issues. However, we do not recommend this treatment to pregnant ladies, they should definitely wait till the baby is born.

6. Carefree Days

Similar to point three, laser hair removal can seriously improve your confidence and stress about shaving (or other methods). This procedure can be an absolute godsend for essential times like holidays, parties, Summer or formal events etc. because then you not only don’t have to worry about hair removal on the day, but you are free to wear what you like, when you like! For instance, is it too hot for trousers? What about wearing those nice pair of shorts? Oh, but your legs are hairy… Laser hair removal will stop that scenario from happening, literally!

7. The Treatment is Quick and Convenient

Overall, in comparison to other hair removal methods, laser treatments are much more convenient for the client. In terms of time and maintenance, you can seriously benefit from this treatment. At Bharti Vyas, we offer Laser Hair Removal Marylebone, book in as many sessions as you require as we can help you achieve the body confidence you would like in the time you need it.

Are you interested? Get in contact with us today to book your laser hair removal treatment today!

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