Bharti Vyas Arnica Gel | 250ml | Cleansing Gel or Skin Treatment | Perfect For Sensitive or Irritated Skin| Contains Tulsi And Liquorice


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Our Arnica gel has been designed to treat the most sensitive skin. Especially those prone to high colour, thin and irritated skin

Key Ingredients:


Arnica Montana Extract has been credited with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, circulation boosting , detoxifying and stimulating effects , especially in the production of new tissue.

Liquorice extract is anti inflammatory. It helps reduces redness and soothes irritated skin and

Green Tea extract
is naturally rich in anti oxidant and stimulates skin micro circulation. It’s anti inflammatory and will help promote the quality of collagen; therefore helps maintain a firm and elastic skin


Tulsi or Holy Basil , is rich in vitamin C, K and anti oxidants, its anti viral properties help prevent blackheads, acne and relieves skin infections. It also stimulates circulation and aids cell regeneration.

Aloe Vera is anti inflammatory and soothes the skin. It blocks up to 30% of the UV rays and protects the skin from sun damage

Application: Arnica Gel can be used as a cleanser and moisturiser or to help heal bruises and broken capillaries. Apply a small amount to the affected area.

Bharti’s Beauty Wisdom
When your body is going through internal chemical changes like the menopause, stress and external factors like climate change it can heighten skin sensitivity, causing it to become irritated, blotchy and red. In this case, less is more when it comes to skincare