MD Aloe Polisher 125ml




Cleanse, Refine, Clarify 

This stimulating, refining cleanser helps to boost the skin’s natural renewal process, allowing healthier cells to come through, evening out skin tone, texture and pigmentation, enabling healthy, natural radiance to flourish

Key Ingredients

To Cleanse Fruit extracts including papaya and melon, to help condition, nourish and protect the skin as well as having desquamating properties, which makes this an excellent anti ageing product To Refine Glyco-pure is a milder form of glycolic acid in a cream form. It is beneficial in reducing fine lines, acne, blackheads, and excess oils while brightening up the skin, polishing acne scars. Glyco pure loosens the bonds between the top layers of skin cells so that they are exfoliated quickly, to encourage new skin cell growth and remove dead or damaged cells. This can give the skin a refreshed glow and reduce acne side effects. It can also be used to decrease acne breakouts and has an anti-ageing and refining effect on the skin Grapefruit oil will have a tightening effect on the skin and will help treat oily skin leaving it refreshed To Clarify Diamond and Pearl powder, helps refine and stimulates circulation. It is rich in amino acids, and peptides which stimulate cell renewal, prevent skin damage and help to fight pigmentation and enhance skin luminosity. Aloe Vera has anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties without damaging the skin Benzoin helps improve skin elasticity, reduce redness, irritation and itching


Apply to damp skin in small, brisk circular movements. Maintain light and fluid pressure. Focus more on problem areas. Rinse and pat dry.

Bharti’s Beauty Wisdom

Accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin can make the complexion look dull and lifeless. Toxins under the skin causes tissue degeneration leading to premature aging. Removing the dead cells will contribute to cellular turnover leaving the skin looking youthful and vitalised.


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