Moisturising Cream (For sensitive skin) 30ml


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This luxuriously light moisturiser will help soften and improve the skin’s complexion while boosting the skin’s elasticity and tone.

Key Ingredients:

To Calm

Indian Pennywort – Helps condition and tighten the skin.

Carrot Seed Oil – Helps give skin a healthy glow. It will help maintain its elasticity and tone, whilst also strengthening and desensitising.


Neroli Oil – Aids cell regeneration and will improve skin elasticity As well as being highly beneficial for treating skin conditions such as thread veins, scarring and stretch marks


Vitamin E Oil – With its antioxidant and moisturising properties, Vitamin E Oil helps to protect cells from UV damage and environmental pollutants

Aloe Vera – forms a clear protective seal allowing healing to take place rapidly. It is also reputed to soothe burns and be beneficial to dry and chapped skin.

Application: Apply to cleansed skin twice a day starting at the neck. Use firm upward strokes towards the ears. This will assist lymphatic drainage of face and neck.

Bharti’s Beauty Wisdom

The basic function of moisturiser is to maintain softness by keeping up the water level in the outermost layer of skin cells. It does this by creating a watertight seal that prevents what would otherwise be the continuous process of evaporation from the surface. At the same time, it provides a buffer to keep out potential ‘invaders,’ thereby safeguarding the health of the lower regions of the skin, and ultimately the inner body. 


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