100ml ST (Self Tanning) Lotion


Radiate, Protect, Moisturise

This Lotion works with the protein of the skin to help build a healthy tan, which gives you a healthy glow.

Key Ingredients:  

To Radiate

Vegetan helps to build a healthy tan without the skin being harmed by damaging UV sun rays

To Protect

Ginko Biloba , which is rich in flavinoids, stimulates circulation  in the skin and helps counteract  free radicals, therefore improving the condition of the skin

To Moisturise

Jojoba is renowned for its natural lubricating and conditioning abilities. It is believed to have the same composition look and feel of natural skin oils.

Application: ST lotion works best on skin that has just been /polished exfoliated. Use the palms of your hands to evenly spread the lotion all over your face and body.

Bharti’s Beauty Wisdom

When the skin looks bronzed it can have an uplifting effect on your moods