Winter might consist of Christmas and white streets, but it also means colder, dry air which can leave your skin itchy, red and irritated. The cold weather can really leave your skin feeling raw and even cause breakouts, so whilst you can’t control the typical weather conditions coming our way, you can control how you treat your healthy skin.

Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

1) Limit Shower Time and Temperature – Sure, coming home from the cold outside will give you the temptation to take a long, steamy shower, but unfortunately your skin will be much better off without it. Furthermore, hot showers can not only seriously dry out your skin but aggravate acne and damage skin cells, so is it worth it? Alternatively, take a quick lukewarm shower then cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket, it is much less irritating to not only your healthy skin but the hair on your body too.

2) Wear Appropriate Clothing – Let’s face it, as we transition from Summer to Autumn, you begin to notice the amount of clothing you wear needs to increase. So get those woolly jumpers and scarves out and stay warm outside! Failing to do this can make you seriously ill, so take care of yourself. In addition to this, many cold-weather fabrics, such as wool and other rough clothing, can irritate the winter skin – avoiding direct contact with those materials will really help!

3) Stay Hydrated – Regardless of the weather, hot or cold, it is VITAL you stay hydrated. Whilst the heat strips out the natural oils in your skin, the cold dries out your skin because there is no moisture in the air. Therefore, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and food and supplements that contain omega-3 and omega-6 acids.

4) Maximise Moisture in the Home – I think everyone can agree that their most comfortable place on planet Earth is their home, that’s why in order to keep your comfort levels up during the Winter, you need to maximise the moisture in the property. Doing things such as investing in a humidifier and lowering the thermostat will prevent dryness, no matter how tempted you are to crank the heat up, don’t!

5) Moisturise! – For the most part, it is very important you keep your skin moisturised on the outside. Whether it’s a cream or an ointment, these products will help you maintain healthy, soft skin during the Winter season. In addition to this, Winter also means cold and flu season, so hand washing becomes essential more or less every hour, which will dry out your hands a lot more, no matter the necessity.

Thanks for reading.