Skin Refresher Treatment – £120

Exfoliate, Rejuvenate, Refine.

An instantly transformative treatment exclusively designed to energise your body, bringing back the glow to skin, stimulating microcirculation to improve skin tonicity and texture. 

This really is the perfect treatment for seasonal change and holidays to ensure your mind and body are optimised.

A full body salt scrub using Ayruvedic friction massage is then followed by a coconut oil massage. Sloughing away dead skin cells, stimulating cellular renewal and helping provide antioxidant protection this nourishing oil, is renowned for its therapeutic effects and leaves skin beautifully soft, supple and refined.

Perfectly pre-holiday prep!

Great for you if…

  • Skin tone is dull, sluggish or uneven and in need of refining, purifying and smoothing.
  • You suffer from fluid retention or puffiness.
  • Have a sluggish circulation that is causing a build up of cellulite
  • Your immune system is leaving you fatigued.
  • You are on a calorie controlled diet and want to give your body a boost.

What you need to know…

  • The treatment is 75 minutes
  • It includes microdermabrasion on the face
  • We use friction massage to invigorating the body
  • The treatment includes a full body dead sea salt scrub
  • It does not include the scalp
  • Not suitable for those with high blood pressure


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