5 Good Reasons to Start Having Regular Facials & 5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Therapist

Facial Treatment Marylebone

5 Good Reasons to Start Having Regular Facials & 5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Therapist

1 Including facials as a part of your lifestyle routine will help maintain healthy skin.

During the holiday season in particular, we tend to overindulge on food, alcohol and partying. Which can be a fantastic release, but that overindulging does show on your skin… Especially your face! It can look puffy, tired, dull, red and in general not at its best.

Having a regular facial treatment in Marylebone will help to keep your skin working for itself.  Nothing beats a good hands-on facial, where a therapist can feel and clear any congestion. Lymphatic Drainage as part of a facial is excellent. It helps to not only detoxify the skin but will also help reduce puffiness water retention, relax muscles, stimulate circulation and give the skin a healthy glow.

I am also a huge fan of microdermabrasion as part of a facial. If done properly, microdermabrasion will gently refine the skin, help reduce lines, remove a build-up of dead cells, helps disperse hyperpigmentation, which as a result brightens the skin. Monthly facials are enough to keep your skin healthy as long as you use a good home routine and try and to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Facial Treatment Marylebone
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Bharti’s top facial for maintenance facials: BVM Microdermabrasion facial with Acu lymphatic drainage £95 / Acu lymphatic Facial £79

2 Regular facials can help you look years younger and maintain a healthy glow

As we get older, our bodies production of collagen and elastin tends to slow down, which means our skin does not look as toned and vibrant as it did in our youth. A good facial can help stimulate your skins natural circulation and give collagen production a boost. This can help maintain that healthy glow. I have found, that there is some great technology like radiofrequency, ultrasound and microdermabrasion, alongside hands-on lymphatic massage, are excellent tools that we can use to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Don’t wait till your skin has started to sag, start having facials in your thirties – even if you have them 3 or 4 times a year.

Bharti’s top Anti-ageing facial: The BVM Radiofrequency facial with microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage £165

3 Investing in yourself can boost your sense of health and well being ( and keep your partner on their toes!)

I often see women who are always complaining that they are tired, always down with a cold or just can’t be bothered to invest time and money in ‘looking good.’ My reply is always; Who wants to come home to someone who always looks tired and moaning about how they look? Especially, when they are not taking the time out to care for themselves. If you do not look after you, then why should anyone else be interested – especially if you are not?

Having a good facial work of different levels, apart from the fact that it has amazing therapeutic values, it is a wonderful way to take time for yourself and switch off from the rest of the world. A positive time, when a therapist is looking after you and passing on her positive energy to you through their hands. It is one hour completely about you – and trust me that can be so rejuvenating for you.

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Facial Treatment Marylebone

A good facial massage, can pick up tension points and release muscle tightness. You will feel like a new person, which uplifts your spirits and puts in a relaxed and chilled out mood. Regularly having facials, will help stop you looking so tired and when you ooze such vibrancy your partner is not going to take his eyes off you!

Bharti’s top feel-good therapy Facial: The BVM Acu Lymphatic Facial £79

4 Facials are a good way of getting young people to understand and look after their skin.

I have had my beauty business for coming up to 40 years. I often see generations of families. Where clients have been sent by their mothers to help treat their skin… Especially through the teenage years. A good facial will also come with a good home routine and lifestyle plan to help teach them how to best look after their skin. So even if they come once a year, a therapist can professionally extract spots, and prevent future problems from occurring so the client does not waste time and money using over the counter and often harsh products to try and help their skin

Bharti’s favourite facial: the BVM Microdermabrasion Facial £95

5 Facials can help correct skin imbalances

Often clients come to see me if they have specific skin problems, whether it be acne, high colour, wrinkles hyperpigmentation, rosacea or eczema on the face, post or pre-surgery. Using various hand on and technological combinations we are able to help control, prevent and in some cases correct imbalances.

We offer a yearly membership for clients who make sure they come in for their monthly facials! So we can tailor-make them to what you need on the day and it saves you money too!

Choosing a Therapist/Salon

Facial Treatment Marylebone
Choosing a Therapist – Facial Treatment Marylebone
  • Don’t go to a salon that offers a tier-based system, in which you are paying to see a ‘senior’ therapist. A good facial is just that…whoever treats you. It comes down to good training. In my salon, I take great pride in the training given to my staff. A client should feel very confident that whoever they go to are knowledgeable and more than capable of giving exceptional treatment. Don’t pay over the odds for a therapist but be more mindful as to the treatment you are going to get. My philosophy has always been that I do not need to put myself on a pedestal regarding my work, my business should reflect my confidence in my work and the training I offer to my staff.
  • Go to a reputable salon, even though you might be paying a little bit more. Maybe read the reviews on them or visit a salon that has been recommended. I think it is important to check out the background of a salon, their philosophies and the treatments they offer and marry them up with whether you think they will help you achieve what you are looking for. For example, a salon that specialises in nails may not be as clued up on the facial side, or if you are interested in a more holistic approach going to a beautician may be too basic for you. 
  • Only go somewhere, where the customer services are excellent.. Steer away from place, that often make you feel like you should be grateful that they are treating you. However amazing a therapist is, if they do not treat you with respect, take your business elsewhere.
  • I would also add, go to a salon that is clean and well maintained. If a salon owner cares about their environment, they care about how you will feel in their environment.  
  • Before you decide where you want to go, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve for your skin for example are you after a quick fix, or for a long term solution. For example, Botox will give you a quick fix and is more medical , without really taking other factors in consideration where a radiofrequency facial is a long term solution with lifestyle considerations. 
  • Don’t forget you can get a free online consultation at our website if you want s to tailor make a plan for you.