Top 10 Beauty Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Top 10 Beauty Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Whether it’s their birthday, your anniversary, Valentines Day or simply a nice gesture for your other half, there are plenty of great gifts you can give them to make their day. If you are looking at beauty-related products in particular, this article is probably perfect for you! 

Here at Bharti Vyas, we are a holistic beauty and laser centre who also offer a variety of treatments and skincare products perfect as beauty gifts Marylebone. As a result of this, here are our top 10 beauty gift ideas for both him and her!


Beauty Gifts Marylebone
Beauty Gifts Marylebone – Him

1. Shaving Kits

This is a rather useful beauty gift for men, as shaving is something they have to do from a daily to weekly basis, so there is a high chance it will come into good use. Online and in store there are a variety of shaving gift sets for men available at great prices! Try and find one that has it all in – shaving creams, razors, spare cartridges, aftershave etc. for the full pampered look. 

2. Fragrances

Buy your boy their favourite fragrance to make them feel and smell extra good on this celebratory occasion. You can never go wrong with a scented bottle, as there are hundreds of well-known, popular brands to chose from all at such an affordable price!

3. Moisturiser

Whilst moisturising is so important for maintaining healthy skin, it is also a great idea for a gift for your other half. If you know they regularly use this product or they are running out, you can take the occasion as an opportunity to buy them some more for them to enjoy! Here at Bharti Vyas, we want to help encourage healthy skin and moisturiser is a vital product that helps to do so! Keep your other half smooth-skinned and hydrated with this beauty gifts Marylebone!

4. Hand & Foot care

If he’s athletic and outgoing, chances are his hands and feet need a little TLC. Online and in store, there are a wide selection of hand and foot care treatments and products that you can invest in as perfect little beauty gifts in Marylebone. From moisturisers to lotions, clippers to files, there is plenty for you to give as a gift.

5. Treatments

Finally, if products aren’t what you are looking for, how about experience? There are a variety of treatments men can have that can help them relax and relieve stress all at amazing prices. Here at Bharti Vyas, for example, we offer a couple of therapeutic experiences for men, perfect for beauty gifts, such as:

  • BV Men’s MOT Treatment – designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern man, the BVMen treatment uses holistic therapy types to help improve the quality and relax the body using techniques such as magnet therapy, Ayurveda acupressure, Manual therapy, Manual lymphatic drainage and Chakra cleansing.
  • Massages – Who doesn’t love a massage? Bharti Vyas offers both body and back massages that is an extraordinary, relieving treatment for those with aching, stiff, stressed or tired muscles. 
  • Laser & IPL Treatments – Is your man looking for some hair reduction treatment? Our ND Yag System is a crystal based laser, which provides a safe and gentle hair removals treatment.
  • Waxing – Created especially for men, we use a gentle and healing Azulene wax to remove a large amount of unwanted body hair, perfect for sensitive skin.


1. Bath sets

Bath salts, bath bombs, bath bars, bubble bath, anything bath related is a girl’s best friend! As she’s coming home from work, run her a bath, light her some candles and present her with some bath gifts where she can relax and pamper in your hands. It’s very romantic and we love it!

2. Makeup

Beauty Gifts Marylebone
Beauty Gifts Marylebone – Make Up

If your other half has a passion for makeup, or regularly uses it (this will apply to most girls), then makeup is the perfect idea for a beauty gift. The great thing about makeup products are there are a completely unique variety out there on both the digital and physical world – you’ve got eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, concealers, foundation, contour palettes, eyelashes, lipsticks and so much more! Think about what your girlfriend focuses on most, or likes the most and then choose something her shade and that represents her.

3. Wash sets

Alternatively to bath sets, if your other half prefers her showers, then why not go for a nice wash set instead! Again, you have plenty of products to choose from, like moisturisers, lotions, body washes, shampoo and conditioners etc. to make their bathing experience the best!

4. Hand and Foot care

Girls, you’ve got to agree with us when we say there is nothing better than smooth-skinned, pampered hands and feet! Unlike boys, who will be fine with some clippers and lotion, girls love the full pampering experience – manicures, pedicures, varnished, moisturised, filed and peeled. So, whether you buy them a treatment or a product gift set, it’s sure to make them happy and ready for a little DIY spa-ing. 

5. Treatments

It goes both ways – if you don’t want to give your girl beauty products for the occasion, why not an experience? Here at Bharti Vyas, we offer a number of treatments that can be great beauty gifts Marylebone, such as:

  • Harmonising – Also known as our signature bespoke treatment, this top to toe method helps you maintain pure relaxation and relieve stress and lifelessness from your body. Essentially ‘harmonising’ your skin, the treatment uses Ayurveda acupressure, manual and mechanical lymphatic drainage and micro dermabrasion to help lift your mental wellbeing significantly.
  • Eyebrow/Eyelash tint- a simple treatment used to make both your eyebrows and eyelashes look much fuller and longer, therefore eliminating the need for makeup. A special dye is used to darken them and improve their definition. 
  • Massages – From a simple 30 minutes back massage to an Ayur Body Wrap, our body treatments can’t assist your relaxation and dieting efforts. Using sophisticated oils and our professional tools, especially our hands, we can help rejuvenate your body back to it’s happy, energetic self.
  • Threading & Waxing – We also offer two different types of hair removal treatments, threading and waxing on all different parts of the body.

Beauty Gifts Marylebone…

We hope these ideas were inspiring, and we certainly hope they like their present whatever the occasion! Here at Bharti Vyas, we have a shop consisting of treatments and beauty gifts Marylebone that can be perfect for you and your other half’s celebrations!

For all treatment enquiries, get in contact with us via our website or visit Bharti Vyas’ Facebook Page for more information!

Thanks for reading.