Holistic skincare is designed to not only benefit the specific area you are treating, but also works on a level that will also benefit your whole being, Holistic skin care tends to use more natural ingredients including aromatherapy oils, vitamins and minerals. These will help to balance your skin and uplift your moods too. Bharti Vyas has created her own holistic therapy range to tailor make to your needs. We can offer you our expert advice on skincare on how to make our range part of your beauty and well being life style from our centre in Marylebone.

Holistic Skin Products Marylebone
Holistic Skin Products Marylebone – What is it?

Today in this article we will be discussing holistic skin care and how it can transform you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What is Holistic Skin Care?

Let’s break it down – Holistic is the practice of healing and keeping the body constantly at the highest level of wellness. This not only includes your skin, but your mind, insides and spirit. Furthermore, the holistic skin care concept implies treating the whole body using the natural and organic products, keeping you acne-free, eczema-free, blemish-free, full of collagen, smooth and hydrated.

While many people believe holistic skin care is just the practice of organic ingredients, this is just the tip of the ice berg. The holistic process must reach much deeper in the body if you want to achieve long-term, visible results. After using these products and methodologies for a certain amount of time, you, physically and mentally, should feel overall lighter and more relaxed – which is what everyone wants!

Our holistic skin products Marylebone at Bharti Vyas are full of skin-loving, flaw-fighting ingredients that can be used to help minimise bacterial infections, protect, hydrate and strengthen the skin. These are all highly necessary attributes when sustaining healthy skin; protected, hydrated and strengthening. 

Holistic Skin Products Marylebone
Holistic Skin Products Marylebone – What is it?

What is The Difference Between Holistic and Organic Skin Care?

Organic skin care are products sources from a natural food, plant or animal as a whole – not an extract, oil or concentrate etc. and they only usually targets the outside layers of the skin (sometimes a few inside). On the other hand, holistic skin care dresses the health of the skin both inside and out using pure and effective plant oils, essential oils and extracts. These types of ingredients help reach and treat the right skin concerns, and this is why it is so important!

As skin experts ourself, we understand the difference between natural, organic and holistic skin care, including their products! If you are aiming to achieve healthy skin whilst also improving your mental and spiritual health, our holistic skin products Marylebone are sure to help you out. For now, below are some important tips to remember when maintaining a holistic skin care routine.

  1. Think about oils – your skin produces oil because it needs it – simple. However, applying more oil to your face on a regular basis can actually strip and significantly disrupt those natural oils. Using the right choices and combinations of oils needs powerful properties in order to help sustain normal oil production, all whilst also targeting and resolving your other skin concerns such as ageing and hydrating etc. Remember, natural oils do not cause the problem, it is the combination and usage of synthetic oils that causes them. 
  2. Don’t apply too much – one of the biggest irritants to the skin is applying too much of a product/skin products. Like we just said, it intercepts the normalisation of natural oils, and can react badly, which causes the acne and blemishes. 
  3. Don’t over exfoliate – whilst exfoliation is quite significant, it’s also quite harsh. If you consider yourself to have quite sensitive and damaged skin, we would recommend not exfoliating on a regular basis. Despite the label “use daily”, you only actually need to exfoliate once every 1-2 weeks.
  4. Avoid harsh masks – anything that contains too many ingredients or has a reputation to damage your skin layers, avoid it! An example of this is the trendy blackhead mask – whilst it is quite satisfying and beneficial, it is also ripping the outer layer of skin, which isn’t ideal for someone with already damaged skin. Holistic skin products Marylebone are gentle, smoothing and hydrating.
  5. Aim to work with the same brand – this isn’t too necessary, but if your skin care products are from different brands and aren’t working, chances are they weren’t made to work together. Companies make skin care products usually for the idea that they will become your go-to brand regarding skin care, so if things don’t work out, try a one-brand routine.

Holistic Skin Products Marylebone…

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