We answer your beauty questions..we talk about moisturising, polishing, anti ageing treatments plus laser and IPL treatments

Do I need to wear a moisturiser at night?

When we use a moisturiser during the day we use it to mainly protect our skin from the harmful elements in our environment. For example, the UV rays from the sun, cold, pollution and make up. So, it makes sense to use a moisturiser that will defend your skin during the day, and if it contains SPF, that is even better. However, at night our skin dos not need the same protection. After cleansing away the day’s dirt and grime, the skin doesn’t need a defence moisturiser. The reason being, when we are at rest or asleep our body does most of its rejuvenation and repairing. A moisturiser at night can prevent the skin from doing its natural job of excreting toxins and waste. The skin is the body’s largest excretory organ so its job is hugely important to the healthy functioning of the body; so if it is blocked with dry, dead skin cells or clogged with a heavy moisturiser, it does not aloe the skin to breathe or to rejuvenate itself.
Having said all that, if your skin is on the dry side or pre – aging, it can be highly beneficial to use face oils or serums. Both work on a deeper levels of the skin. For example, Bharti’s Special Oil is a really popular night time oil as its ingredients rosehip, saffron, hemp and argon oil allows its essential oils to penetrate below the skin surface. In the same way, a serum acts as a catalyst for the skin. The BV Serums, boost your skins vitamins and minerals and again do not ‘sit’ on the skin like a moisturiser but will speed up the skin’s rejuvenating process.

Do non -surgical anti-ageing treatments actually work?

Non-surgical anti- ageing face and body treatments have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Many people are put off the idea of having surgery, due to the bad press it is getting of late. We are hearing more and more stories of how it has been botched up, with patients being left scarred, disfigured and even perished as a result of surgery. This also includes invasive treatments like botox and fillers. When toxins are being injected into the body, there is always a risk that the body will reject it. There are also positive stories, however really research every other option first.
The great thing about non-surgical anti-ageing treatments are that the risks of rejection are very low. Most modern technology has been created to mimic the effects of a lifting and toning. (without the after care and effects of surgery), designed to work with your body to work for you. At the Bharti Vyas Centre, we pride ourselves in using the latest technology in our facials, which dos just that. We use radio frequency, high intensity ultrasound, dermabrasion, intense pulse light and laser therapy. Each one tailor made to the needs of the client. However, having said that, machines are tools to help us achieve what we want to achieve for the client. It is important to follow it up with a good home routine – we use our natural skin care rang of serums, oils and polishers to further enhance the skins performance as well as giving you the tools on how to maintain the benefits of regular treatments. We always recommend clients to make the surgical route their last stop and first look at exploring the non surgical route combined with a healthy lifestyle.

What is the difference between polishing and exfoliating the skin?

There are a few differences between polishing and exfoliating the skin. The scrubs used in exfoliants are generally much bigger than in polishers. Polishers are designed to be used daily to give your skin that polished glow as opposed to exfoliants, whose main purpose is to remove dead skin cells. It is not recommended to use an exfoliant on a daily basis. Their ‘bits’ to exfoliate tend to be larger, so if you use it more than twice a week you risk scratching your skin and causing it more damage. So those with sensitive and fine skin, should avoid them (Especially on your face). Many people use exfoliants on their body to combat dry skin and to help keep it smooth, but sadly as many are cleanser based, they often leave the skin dry and in need to extra moisturising. However, todays exfoliants have pretty much been replaced by scrubs and are really versatile in what they can help for. They can be directly applied to dry skin and many do not even require moisturising after wards. The Ultimate Salt scrub from Bharti Vyas, uses Dead Sea Salts to exfoliate, but it is combined with stimulation, detoxing and invigorating aromatherapy oils to add extra benefits. Making it great for those who suffer from ingrown hairs, bad circulation, tired legs, dry skin or those who want to build a great tan before holiday. Using a good body Salt Scrub regularly will help your skin to function more effectively. For the face, polishers are a must! When we have a build-up of dirt, grime and dead cells on the skin, it can cause the skin to become clogged and congested and pre age. A cleanser will just sit on the skin, but a polisher will gently polish the skin, keeping the skin free to do its job. Bharti was one of the first therapists in UK to introduce polishing the face on the market. Her Face and Neck Polisher contains walnut shavings, and the MD polisher contains diamond and pearl shavings. As well as taking polishing away dirt, and grime, they also feed the skin with essential minerals and vitamins.

Is intense pulse light or laser better for hair removal?

Both systems are effective.

works on varied light therapy. As the treated area is targeted it picks up ant pigments in the skin and attacks them. So, it is not great for those with a tan or those who like to go out in the sun. Laser systems, work on targeting the pigments in your hair as opposed to the pigments in your skin, making it a preferred treatment for black and Asian skin. However, laser treatments too vary. Some are more beneficial for those with dark hair but pale skin and others for those with dark hair and darker skins. The ND YAG system is an excellent middle of the road system, which works on any skin type and it gives the therapist the flexibility to vary the heat and its intensity, which can’t be done as easily with the IPL. IPL is great for those wanting to have larger areas of their body hair removed, like legs, back or arms. Either way, it is worth talking to your therapist who will do a test area to make sure that you are suitable to have either system. We often will use the two systems depending on the areas being treated. It is also advisable to go to a salon that has experience in using laser and that they have been fully trained. In the wrong hands laser could do more harm than good.