A good salon can do so much more for you than you can ever imagine…it is not just about getting a treatment it is about feeling understood, nurtured and cared for. A place where you can totally be yourself and know that the therapists treating you are truly interested in helping you achieve your beauty and well-being goals.

Beauty Salon Marylebone
Beauty Salon Marylebone

Our holistic beauty salon Marylebone, is a family run business We have become renowned for our attention to detail when it comes to client care. We pride ourselves on training our therapists to the highest standards, where they are truly in tune with what the clients want and need in order to look and feel their best. We want clients to feel at home but also know that this is a salon, where they will get a highly professional treatment, based on knowledge, understanding and intuition.

1. Experienced professionals

There is nothing better than feeling that we are being looked after, especially if we are the ones who spend our time nurturing others.. It can be spiritually uplifting, especially when you go to a salon that has been recommended. Often, therapists will give you a simple home routine that you can follow to keep up the work they have started. However, it is great to know that you have their know how to help you. Getting a professional treatment at least 3 x a year can make a real difference to the way you look and feel as well as the added benefits of boosting your well being and immune system.

Relaxing experiences

In today’s society it is very hard to have a completely stress free life. Going to a salon gives you that time to spend on yourself and ‘switch off’ from that mad world we often find ourselves in. Many people feel guilty giving themselves that time, however the way you look and feel can also impact others. Just being more relaxed and calm can help you find some balance in your life. Holistic beauty in particular, allows us to work on you as a whole, so we can tailor make what you want, with what you need in the time frame you give us

Beauty Salon Marylebone
Massages – Beauty Salon Marylebone

At Bharti Vyas, we offer a number of facials and massages that will uplift you on a physical, mental and spiritual level -we tailor make every treatment to your needs on the day and hand pick our staff that we know are knowledgeable and highly intuitive to your needs.

3. Flexible to suit your needs

One of the best elements of a beauty salon is it’s diversity. An experienced business will have the ability to provide a number of effective services to improve your person. However, I like that idea in going to visit salons that are renowned in what you are looking for. For example laser hair removal, facials or body treatments. You know that they will have a vast experience in that area and can provide you with an excellent service. You will notice many salons focus on what they are good at..so when deciding on where to go, decide on what you are after and let the professionals do their work.

4. Perfect for special occasions

Whether it’s for a date, a wedding event or another special occasion, a trip to the beauty salon beforehand is the perfect way to get the party started. With the variety of treatments available, you can arrive to the occasion with clean hands, glowing skin and great motivation. After all, if you look good you feel good!

5. You can learn a lot! 

The Bharti Vyas team pride themselves on having years of experience in the beauty industry. They have a lot of knowledge on health, beauty and well being, which they make a point of sharing with their clients. Sharing that knowledge means that you, the client can use what has helped you to enhance your own well being as well as those of the ones you hold dear,

We are a holistic beauty Salon in Marylebone…we focus on holistic face and body treatments ..so you radiate beauty and well being from the inside out!

As a beauty salon in Marylebone, a visit to us can be widely beneficial to you! To book an appointment, get in contact with us today!

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