Bharti Vyas Sea Salt Body Scrub | 250ml | Exfoliator for the body | Dead Sea Salts | Natural Skincare | Aryuvedic Bodycare


घर्षति  / polish

Exfoliate, Rejuvenate, Refine

An instantly transformative, re-energising treatment for the body. This highly rejuvenating blend of The Dead Sea Salts and therapeutic natural essential oils help to stimulate the circulation, harmonise,  revitalise and rehydrate the skin.

Key Ingredients:

To Exfoliate

Dead Sea Salts the combination of Dead Sea Salts will help nourish protect and stimulate the body’s circulation

To Rejuvenate

Sweet Orange Oil with its sweating action speeds out toxins in congested skin while also reducing wrinkles and dry skin

Sunflower seed highly moisturising and nourishing for the skin, plus being anti-ageing.


Lemongrass will is believed to keep premature ageing at bay as it helps reduce acne and pimples. This is because it tones the muscles and tissues of the skin, leaving it smooth and fair

Application: Before showering or bathing, apply to dry skin, use the palms of the hands in an elongated, firm upward motion. Massage until the skin feels smooth. Rinse thoroughly.

Bharti’s Beauty Wisdom

By the end of the day, the nervous system is fatigued; this treatment will help disperse the build-up of waste accumulated throughout the day, activating the nervous system and aid restful sleep. An instantly transformative, re-energising treatment for the body. This highly rejuvenating blend of The Dead Sea Salts and therapeutic natural essential oils help to stimulate the circulation, harmonise, revitalise and rehydrate the skin.

Bharti's Books

1997 - Beauty Wisdom
1999 - Simply Ayurveda
2000 - Simply Radiant, Two Day Treat
2002 - Fabulous Face, Massage in a Box
2004 - The pH Diet
2005 - Tips for Beauty Wisdom
2006 - Whole Body Wisdom

Bharti Vyas

"Beauty On The Outside Begins Within"

This core belief is at the very heart of Bharti’s business, the sentiment that shapes all treatments, her signature products and the training of future practitioners. Arguably one of the first to adapt this concept in the world of western skincare with her holistic treatment approach to beauty therapy, she remains a pioneer in our understanding of the pivotal role inner health and wellbeing has on our outer glow.

From a tender age, immersed in an eastern upbringing rich in Ayurvedic principles (an ancient Indian system of health and wellbeing based on phytomedicinal or plant based healing), Bharti understood the natural connections and flow of energy that exists within the body, something that western beauty treatments overlooked.

Bharti’s journey and education mastered the key pillars of Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Aromatherapy, while embracing western technologically advanced treatments such as Laser Therapy to result in a connected treatment programme that could be tailored to the individual.

The first salon was unveiled in 1988 on Chiltern Street, Marylebone, where the practice still stands. Sought after, respected and celebrated in the skincare industry, Bharti has collected a loyal client base over the years that include royalty, dignitaries and celebrities alike. She has become an authority in the media, regularly contributing to print press and national broadcasts, making her a household name and raising the profile of holistic skincare treatment.

This profile has led to a number of published books offering insight, self-help and guidance to improving inner health and skin wellbeing.

The Ultimate Therapy Range was launched in 1997 after a year’s painstaking research and development to create a signature collection of formulations that would support her unique treatments professionally and in the homes of her clients to offer continued benefit.

Bharti has pioneered now iconic treatments such as the BVM Harmonising Treatment that concentrates on lymphatic drainage and the treatment of the body as a whole. She has invested her time and energy, alongside her daughter Shailu, into the training of countless holistic beauty practitioners through her work and leadership of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

A force of nature, it is unsurprising that she has been nominated for a number of awards both in the world of beauty therapy, but also in recognition of her entrepreneurial spirit.

There is no stopping Bharti who has no intention of slowing down. Still fully immersed in her passion for the industry and promoting the benefits of holistic health and wellbeing, she works with her daughters to ensure the legacy prevails at a time when our lifestyle demands are ever more in need.